Presentation “What is Sigma”

Presentation “What is Sigma”

Speech What is Sigma

Also this year, Xyztec was a participant at the yearly China Semiconductor Packaging and Test Technology & Market Conference 2018 to present the latest developments in automatic bond testing.

What is Sigma?

Hundreds of visitors attended the presentation on “What is Sigma” about what is needed for automatic bond testing and how to perform a perfect shear and pull test. With the most advanced bond tester, the Sigma, fully automatic bond testing is possible. Xyzetc offers the full package for automatic bond testing consisting of automatic loading, testing, and analysis.

Presentation; What is needed for automatic bond testing

CSPT 2018

China Semiconductor Packaging and Test Technology & Market Annual Conference is the only authoritative and most widely recognized professional seminar covering the entire semiconductor packaging and testing industry in China. The 16th annual conference was successfully held in Hefei China on November 19 till 22. The conference was about “integrated innovation, intelligent production, integration, and sharing”.

The audience among which many government leaders and leading corporations that employ bond testing were very interested in the automation possibilities for bond testers and the other subjects presented.

Xyztec, your partner in backend automation.

Audience presentation CSPT 2018

xyztec booth at CSPT 2018

Speech What is Sigma

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