Sigma W12 with large heater stage

Sigma W12 with large heater stage

Sigma heated stage

Xyztec is always innovating and developing advanced solutions in bond testing. In this newsletter we present the market-leading Sigma W12, equipped with a rotating 13500W 518x513mm heater stage that can uniformly warm up your sample to temperatures up to 175°C.

Quick and uniform warm-up

The system is designed for die shear testing on large rectangular glass carriers and 12 inch round carriers, to test glued or solder interconnections on a coating. With 27 heater elements in 7 different control groups it quickly warms up its aluminum table and customer sample with an accuracy of less than ±5°C. The table is designed to remain extremely flat and to deliver a perfect vacuum even at the highest temperatures.

Triple heat shieldings around the Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) protect the inner workings of the bond tester against prolonged high temperatures. A WindowsTM based temperature controller with various heating profiles gives the user complete flexibility. Multiple heating profiles can be configured and stored.



Cooling down rack

With the high accuracy bond tester comes a sample carrier and cooling down rack to make the handling of the large (hot) panels easy. The carrier can be positioned accurately before testing and then safely cool down after the automatic tests.


Full automation

To be able to test all of the sample area the large rotating heater stage can move to four fixed rotation positions and automatic testing is easily programmed by the engineer. All the flexibility that customers have come to expect from xyztec, including vision corrections, are also available.



Calibration station

The Sigma W12 can be calibrated without having to remove the large heater stage making daily checks a simple task.



Learn more about the Sigma

If you are interested in a live demonstration of the Sigma on your sample or perhaps for more bond testing inspiration, contact us today!

Sigma heated stage

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