Visit us in Tokyo this month

Visit us in Tokyo

This week, Xyztec was at InterNepcon in Japan, Asia’s leading exhibition for electronics R&D, manufacturing and packaging technology. It was a successful exhibition with 140 speakers from the industry front-runners.

HiSOL new distributor in Japan


The Japanese company HiSOL is the latest addition to the xyztec sales network. Ever since its foundation in 1967, HiSOL has supported the development of semiconductors, with a focus on Japan’s future.

Sigma in Japan


Following the introduction on Productronica in November, the Sigma is doing a tour around the world. This week, xyztec is exhibiting at INTERNEPCON JAPAN together with our representative Techno Alpha. We invite […]

Employees donate to Japan relief effort


A few weeks ago, Japan was struck by the most powerful earthquake to hit the island nation in recorded history and the tsunami it unleashed. The news was a shock […]