Vision enhanced materials testing

Vision enhanced materials testing

Deformation analysis

With the ever-increasing complexity of modern circuits and the inherent reliability issues associated with them, it becomes necessary to adapt tools that minimize product risk. Over time, xyztec, along with a number of our customers, have developed specialized materials tests that utilize our bond test equipment.

Deformation analysis using Sigma

Two examples are creep testing (applying a constant load to a bond and measuring the bond displacement over time) and bend testing (to ensure that a substrate, typically ceramic, FR4 or silicon, has sufficient resilience to withstand a specified bend strain). These tests ensure that the final product remains reliable long after it leaves a customer’s factory.


Recently xyztec added a significant technology that further enhances our materials testing capability. We placed a special camera solution on our Sigma. When this camera is combined with digital image recognition software, engineers have an additional tool to provide motion and strain analysis.



VEDDAC, developed by CWM GmbH, is a 2D image software solution that analyses motion, deformation, and surface changes. They offer a considerable amount of flexibility in their software, including:

  • Motion analysis during impact test
  • Local deformations during a bend test
  • Crack propagation at the interface of a compound material

With the VEDDAC solution, you can determine in-plane displacements and local strain fields on object surfaces. This tool can provide critical analysis and problem solving during the design engineering phase, in the failure analysis lab or even as a process monitor in production environments.




Analyze your processes

VEDDAC provides you with the ability to analyze your processes, even if the surface structure during deformation process varies greatly and includes high-quality, intelligent analysis technology when the image(s) analyzed have low contrast or poor surface structure.


Visualization options

VEDDAC also offers a wide variety of visualization options for displaying the results of your image sequence analysis. An extensive export functionality allows you to use the results in external programs. The software allows an operator to export displacement fields, local strain fields, bending lines or movement lines and process them according to your requirements.


Learn more about the Sigma

As the market leader in bond testing, xyztec has produced many success stories over the years. Since our founding in 2000, we are dedicated to one thing and one thing only…..BOND TEST SOLUTIONS! We continue to develop solutions for all types of industries including solar, space, military, medical, automotive, interconnect and material science. Our customers include market leaders in all of these industries throughout the world. See why many people refer to our Sigma as the Swiss army knife of bond testers If you are interested in a live demonstration of the Sigma on your sample or perhaps for more bond testing inspiration, contact us today!

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Deformation analysis

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