Why you need a bond tester with RMU

Why you need a bond tester with RMU

Revolving measurement unit

At Xyztec, we believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring you the most advanced bond testing solutions. As the global leader in bond testing, we are proud of our unique bond testing feature: the Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU). Allow us to explain why this is a crucial addition to a bond tester and why it outshines the competition.


The RMU, a proven innovation that has revolutionized the industry for years, sets us apart from other bond testers relying on outdated single-loadcell cartridges. The RMU has a unique rotating test head that houses up to 6 sensors of any type for testing. This means you no longer need to manually replace load cell cartridges, saving you valuable time and effort.


Let’s explore the outstanding features that make our bond tester with RMU a cut above the rest:

  • Flexible sensor configuration: No more tool or cartridge exchanges. Our RMU features up to 6 sensors, forces ranging from 10 gf to 200 kgf, for push, pull, and shear testing. It effortlessly rotates to the correct sensor in seconds.
  • Seamless switching functions: Change functions and applications in seconds with software-driven control. Switch between testing requirements without sacrificing accuracy or productivity.
  • Instant readiness: Say goodbye to warm-up times. All 6 sensors in the RMU are powered up and ready for immediate use. This eliminates any holdups during testing.
  • Damage-free exchanges: No worries about sensor damage during load cell exchanges? Our 6-in-1 test head design guarantees hassle-free testing without the need for swaps, ensuring the integrity of your equipment.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Invest in our bond tester with RMU for cutting-edge technology and savings. The price of a single RMU is lower than multiple measurement units (cartridges), providing exceptional value.


The benefits of a bond tester with RMU are clear: a significant boost in UPH (units per hour), improved repeatability and reproducibility, and ultimately improved Cpk results. Additionally, our RMU is maintenance-free, saving you costs and effort in the long run.


Take advantage of the incredible capabilities of our Sigma bond testers. Contact us now to learn more about how our bond tester with RMU can revolutionize your testing operations. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled testing efficiency and accuracy.



Revolving measurement unit

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