Automation: matrix bond testing made easy

Automation: matrix bond testing made easy

Matrix bond testing

Quickly program the testing of repetitive samples

On every Sigma bond tester, xyztec provides lifetime free software updates. Recently, we brought out version 5.7 which is now available for download. Among the many small and major improvements is the new matrix programming functionality. This enables the engineer to quickly program the testing of repetitive samples.

Matrix programming

The image shows a typical product of a repetitive nature. Of course, the matrix programming functionality is also very popular with our customers that produce lead frames. On each of the matrix elements, the customer might want to perform multiple tests. Using a Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU), up to six separate sensors and/or tools are available without human intervention. Matrix programming can also be combined with other unique functionalities of the Sigma, like automatic wire detect.



Test ‘all’ rows, columns, certain specific cells or random cells

In the simplified example below, we want to pull three wires after first ensuring accurate positioning by simple fiducial recognition. After the definition of the moves within the matrix and the dimensions (in this case 8×10), individual matrix elements are called. The engineer can program the bond tester to test ‘all’ rows and columns, certain specific cells or ‘random’ cells. The example will test two different random matrix elements.


The Sigma is especially suited for matrix automation, because of the large test envelope. Standard are a 370mm X-stage and a 168mm Y-stage. The maximum work area may be smaller when fiducial recognition is required, because of the camera offset. Customized work holders clamp your sample very accurately, giving you the best chance of achieving the desired failure modes.


Market leader

As market leader in bondtesting in Europe and Taiwan, xyztec has produced lots of success stories since the company was incorporated in 2000. Click here for references. If you are interested in a live demonstration of the Sigma on your sample or perhaps for more bond testing inspiration, contact us today!


Watch bond testing being automated

Click here to watch our automation video or here to watch the video of the contactless cavity cleaner.

Matrix bond testing

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