In bond testing, size does matter

In bond testing, size does matter

Sigma test volumes

Large test volume

The test volume is the X, Y and Z movements of the bond tester. Large X and Y strokes enable large samples like long lead frames, circuit boards and wafers to be tested. Large Z travel enables tall samples with high packaging walls or connectors to be handled. When a tester is used for automation both the test tool and the camera have to be able to cover the required test volume.

Sigma X-stage of 500 mm or 600 mm

Test volumes shown in the green boxes in the image clearly shows the advantage of the Sigma over other testers. Xyztec even offers bond testers with larger test volumes; the Sigma W12 has an X-stage of 500mm and we have done systems with a 600mm X-stage.

When a tester is used for automation both the test tool and the camera have to be able to cover the required test volume. The focal point of the camera though is offset from the test tool and so some of the axis movements are required to move between the tool and the camera and are not available for the test volume. Generally, a large test volume is a must for a flexible automatic system. Many bond testers though have surprisingly small test volumes of 50mm x 50mm x 65mm. Such machines have extremely limited automation capability. The Sigma has the largest standard test volume available.


Sigma W12 with an asymmetric ‘flipped’ 600mm X-stage for wafer handler (EFEM) integration, equipped with the patented contactless cavity cleaner for easy and automatic CBP cavity cleaning with no mechanical jaw contact.


Market leader

As market leader in bondtesting in Europe and Taiwan, xyztec has produced lots of success stories since the company was incorporated in 2000. Click here for references. If you are interested in a live demonstration of the Sigma on your sample or perhaps for more bond testing inspiration, contact us today!


Watch bond testing being automated

Click here to watch our automation video or here to watch the video of the contactless cavity cleaner.

Sigma test volumes

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