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Six sensors RMU, up to 200 kgf: changing cartridges manually no longer required
Six sensors RMU, up to 200 kgf: changing cartridges manually no longer required
  • Unique multiple load cell cartridge (RMU)
  • User can choose up to 6 sensors in any combination: multiple test types, tools and spare sensors, including up to 4 USB Tweezers and rotation
  • Up to 200kgf shear, push and pull
  • Intelligent parking options
  • Deep Access capability
  • Integrated lighting options
  • Configurable with multiple tweezers solutions
  • Single heads and RMU share the same test point
  • If one sensor is down, the others still work
  • Quick take off
  • Unparalleled 0.075% accuracy

All sensor modules use the same interface and are secured with one simple screw into either a single measurement unit or Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU). The force capabilities of both solutions are identical: up to 200kgf shear, pull or push.

XYZTEC Condor Sigma with RMU
XYZTEC Condor Sigma with RMU

With the Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU), XYZTEC offers an unique multiple load cell cartridge for measuring all kinds of horizontally and vertically tested bonds, using pull, peel, push or shear methods; either destructive or non-destructive. The key point is the automatic selection of the pull or shear tool and corresponding measurement sensor by software. Typical applications include wire pull testing using a hook, solder ball pull testing using tweezers, gold wire ball shear, solder ball shear, die shear testing as well as full automatic testing.

The RMU in detail

The maximum load of the RMU on the Condor Sigma platform is raised to 200kgf.

An RMU has up to six sensor modules or load cells mounted. The Condor software automatically detects what measurement unit is installed on the system and knows even when to rotate the RMU into the correct measuring position automatically within a few seconds. The operator benefits as he does not have to change test tools or load cartridges manually, which is a major cause for defects when using single load cell cartridge, as with our competition.

XYZTEC Condor Sigma Shear Measurement Unit (SMU). The Push and Pull Measurement Unit (PMU) looks identical, except of course for the tool
XYZTEC Condor Sigma Shear Measurement Unit (SMU). The Push and Pull Measurement Unit (PMU) looks identical, except of course for the tool

With the RMU mounted on the Condor platform, XYZTEC offers a unique possibility to provide fully automatic execution of pull and shear tests on one sample, without the need for operator invention. The advantages are clear: constant high UPH, improved repeatability and reproducibility and therefore increased Cpk results.

Single heads (PMU, SMU)

Of course, the Condor Sigma can also be equipped with a single head; a Shear Measurement Unit (SMU) or a Push and Pull Measurement Unit (PMU). These heads have the same specifications as the RMU in terms of maximum forces (up to 200kgf shear, push and pull) and accuracy (0,075%).

The RMU, SMU and PMU share the same test point, which is very important for those that do switch cartridges sometimes. The operator does not have to readjust their microscope settings and can continue testing immediately. The unit can be taken off very quickly.

To help you to make your choice, see the comparison table below

SystemRevolving Measurement Unit (RMU)One Measurement Unit (cartridge)

HistoryNew technology with improved flexibilityTraditional design

ConfigurationSix sensors (transducers)
Six applications and functions
All of the sensors and functions are independent, which means that if one is broken, all others remain operational and instantly available.
Six different tools for six different applications (wire pull, ball shear, die shear, ribbon peel, etcetera).
One sensor (transducer)
One application
If you require multiple applications, you will have to change units (cartridges) very often.

Start up timeAll six measurement sensors are powered up and ready for immediate use.After changing to a different module (cartridge), a warm up time of up to 30 minutes is required, before the specified accuracy can be attained.

OperationVery simple standard operating procedures to exchange sensors, without the risk of damage.
Functions and applications are changed in 5 seconds, under software control.
No need to exchange the module (cartridge) manually.
Software and hardware are designed to prevent any damage when applications are exchanged.
No connector wear out issue in the RMU.
Modules (cartridges) must be exchanged manually.
Changeover must be done carefully to avoid damaging the sensors (transducers).
The connector is subjected to many operations, which results in reduced life.
Frequent exchange of modules increases the risk of damage, for example if a cartridge is dropped.

ServiceIf one sensor (transducer) is broken, the other sensors remain available for instant and convenient use.In case of problems, the cartridge must be repaired or replaced.

CostOne RMU costs less than multiple measurement units (cartridges).
Maintenance free.
No damage cost during application changeover.
High costs when sensors (transducers) are damaged during module exchange.
Lower life expectancy because of connector wear.
Operators require more training; more system procedures required.

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