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The Condor Sigma series has broad specifications as you will find below. It has a maximum force capability of 200 kgf shear and 200 kgf push or pull, fast moving 370 mm X-stage and an unparalleled 0.075% accuracy.

However, it is also possible to select a system that goes up to 100 kgf shear and 10 kgf push or pull and is fully upgradeable later. With Condor Sigma Lite XYZTEC gives you a low cost entry point without sacrificing performance to meet future demands.

The Condor Sigma W12 version was specifically designed for 300mm wafer testing. If your application requires forces higher than listed below, check out the Condor 150HF (high force) which offers an extreme specification of 500 kgf.

The production process is ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001 certified.


Force sensorsSigma LiteSigmaSigma W12
Revolving Measurement Unit with up to 6 sensorsOptionalOptionalOptional
Single Measurement Unit with 1 sensorOptionalOptionalOptional
USB TweezersOptionalOptionalOptional
Mechanical TweezersOptionalOptionalOptional
Up to 10 kgf shearHigher spec availableHigher spec availableStandard
Up to 100 kgf shearStandardHigher spec availableNot available
Up to 200 kgf shearOptionalStandardNot available
Up to 500 kgf shearNot availableNot availableNot available
Up to 5 kgf rotational shearStandardHigher spec availableHigher spec available
Up to 10 kgf rotational shearOptionalStandardStandard
Up to 10 kgf pullStandardHigher spec availableStandard
Up to 100 kgf pullOptionalStandardNot available
Up to 200 kgf pullOptionalOptionalNot available
Up to 500 kgf pullNot availableNot availableNot available
Up to 10 kgf pushStandardHigher spec availableStandard
Up to 100 kgf pushOptionalStandardNot available
Up to 200 kgf pushOptionalOptionalNot available
Up to 500 kgf pushNot availableNot availableNot available
StagesSigma LiteSigmaSigma W12
168 mm X-stageStandardHigher spec availableHigher spec available
370 mm X-stageOptionalStandardHigher spec available
500 mm X-stageNot availableNot availableStandard
168 mm Y-stageStandardStandardHigher spec available
370 mm Y-stageNot availableNot availableStandard
90 mm Z-stageHigher spec availableHigher spec availableStandard
168 mm Z-stageStandardStandardNot available
5 mm/s axis speedStandardHigher spec availableHigher spec available
20 mm/s axis speedOptionalHigher spec availableHigher spec available
50 mm/s axis speedOptionalStandardStandard
Linear encoders 30 nm resolution, 0,5µm repeatabilityStandardStandardStandard
No trade-off between axis speed and forceStandardStandardStandard
Backlash free (no gear box)StandardStandardStandard
References in any position, quick start-upStandardStandardStandard
13500W 518x513mm heater stageNot available on this modelNot available on this modelOptional
AccuracySigma LiteSigmaSigma W12
ADC resolution 16 bitStandardHigher spec availableHigher spec available
ADC resolution 24 bitOptionalStandardStandard
Sampling frequency 2 kHzStandardHigher spec availableHigher spec available
Sampling frequency 10 kHzOptionalStandardStandard
Accuracy 0,2%StandardHigher spec availableHigher spec available
Accuracy 0,1%OptionalHigher spec availableHigher spec available
Accuracy 0,075%OptionalStandardStandard
Stepback accuracy ±1 µmStandardStandardStandard
Programmable landing force down to 2,5 gfStandardStandardStandard
1° sensor rotation resolutionStandardStandardStandard
Tool rotation accuracy ±10 µmStandardStandardStandard
Digital temperature correctionStandardStandardStandard
ADC with flat pass band filterStandardStandardStandard
Frictionless pull and shear sensorsStandardStandardStandard
All pull sensors can be equipped with USB- and manual tweezersStandardStandardStandard
Automatic electromagnetic dampingStandardStandardStandard
AccessoriesSigma LiteSigmaSigma W12
LED snake lightStandardOptionalStandard
LED ring illuminationOptionalStandardOptional
Perpendicular camera, image captureOptionalStandardStandard
Up to 3 camerasStandardStandardStandard
Semi-automationOptionalStandardHigher spec available
Automation with fiducial recognitionOptionalOptionalStandard
Keyboard drawerStandardStandardStandard
Monitor supportOptionalStandardHigher spec available
Dual monitor supportOptionalOptionalStandard
Monitor stowing positionStandardStandardStandard
Onboard tool storageOptionalOptionalOptional
Blower and vacuum tool cleaning unitOptionalOptionalOptional
CBP Jaw Cleaner (contactless)OptionalOptionalOptional
SoftwareSigma LiteSigmaSigma W12
Supports Microsoft Windows 8™, 7™, 32 and 64 bit systemsStandardStandardStandard
Easy to learn intuitive graphical user interfaceStandardStandardStandard
Minimum number of mouse clicksStandardStandardStandard
Customizable screens, optimized for wide and touch screensStandardStandardStandard
Integrated report editor and data exportStandardStandardStandard
Easy data sorting, grouping and filteringStandardStandardStandard
Integrated SPC and system GR&R analysisStandardStandardStandard
Multiple languages, multiple user network environmentStandardStandardStandard
Vision enhanced materials testingOptionalOptionalOptional
Export to XLS, DOC, PPT, PDF, XPS, CSV, XML, DBF, KLARF, INF, etc.StandardStandardStandard
Other specificationsSigma LiteSigmaSigma W12
Ultra high throughput (UPH)StandardStandardStandard
Synchronized digital inputsStandardStandardStandard
Synchronized digital and analogue outputsStandardStandardStandard
Tool protection in all directionsStandardStandardStandard
Quick release, high force and positional accuracy interfaceStandardStandardStandard
Rigid and durable frameStandardStandardStandard
Covers quickly and easily removed for maintenanceStandardStandardStandard
Debris managementStandardStandardStandard
No air supply requiredStandardStandardNot available
Electric 110-240V single phaseStandardStandardStandard
Stable 5 feet designStandardStandardStandard
USB PC connectionStandardStandardStandard
Compatible with existing tools, workholders, jigsStandardStandardStandard
Excellent correlation with other testing systemsStandardStandardStandard
Calibration jigs with maximized lever arm lengthsOptionalOptionalOptional
Calibration weights OIMI class M1 or NIST class 1OptionalOptionalOptional
Ergonomic layout to SEMI S8StandardStandardStandard
Two ergonomic joysticks with 6 buttons eachStandardStandardStandard
EMC compliantStandardStandardStandard
Wafer handler (Equipment Front End Module, EFEM) integrationNot availableOptionalOptional
ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001 certified productionStandardStandardStandard

Not available
Higher spec available

The foot print is 620 mm in X and 558 in Y. The height of the Condor Sigma platform is 608 mm. The weight is 75-85 kg.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Condor Sigma series and ergonomics

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Increase your bondtesting throughput

The Condor Sigma is not only the most accurate bondtester in the world, but also the fastest. Click here to read the study that proves the Condor Sigma is up to 39% faster than the competition.

Units per hour study results
Units per hour study results

In bond testing, size does matter!

The test volume is the X, Y and Z movements of the bond tester. Large X and Y strokes enable large samples like long lead frames, circuit boards and wafers to be tested. Large Z travel enables tall samples with high packaging walls or connectors to be handled. Click here to learn more...

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