SMD gull wing pull

SMD gull wing leads test problems

SMD gull wing leads test Various approaches possible and used in the industry: Tweezer test after cutting the package out Wire pull Vector pull Inclined work holder

Lid pull

Lid pull

Lid pull Typically this test is done by stud pull and gluing the lid and base of the device to two blocks of metal with screw holes in them that […]

Vector pull

Vector ribbon

Vector pull Vector pull is an ideal pull test for short loop length wires. In addition to the common orthogonal pull and shear testing (0, 90, 180 and 270°), we can […]

Tweezer pull

Tweezer Pull 2

Tweezer pull Tweezer pull is simply a pull test performed by a tweezer. During the test an upward force is applied to a wire, a ribbon or some other feature […]

Stud (die) pull

Stud Pull

Stud pull The stud pull test is based on the principle that an adhesive connection is made with the carrier (or object to be tested) by using a glue that […]

Copper pillar pull

Copper Pillar 1

Copper pillar pull Copper pillar is rapidly being adopted as a bumped wafer interconnect. The construction is that of a Copper cylinder around 50µm in diameter and height, topped with […]

Cold bump pull (CBP)

Cold Bump Pull 1

Cold Bump Pull (CBP) CBP stands for Cold Bump Pull or Cold Ball Pull. To grip a ball we have to reform it to the shape something like a mushroom. This […]

Ribbon pull

Ribbon pull 1

Ribbon pull Test narrow and wide ribbons Low loop height High forces Sensor accuracy ±0.075% Any ribbon material (e.g. aluminium, copper)

Wire pull

Mask Group 45

Wire pull Wire Pull Testing applies an upward force under the wire, effectively pulling it away from the substrate. There are many types of pull tests, therefore xyztec offers a […]


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