Maximizing throughput, increase the number of tests per hour (UPH) 

Maximizing throughput, increase the number of tests per hour (UPH) 


We have arrived at the final chapter of our journey through the game-changing improvements for Sigma bond testers. In our previous newsletters, we explored “Better Positional Precision” and “Better Measurement Accuracy” Now, let’s discover the advantages of “Better speed that results in a better UPH.”

Achieve remarkable speed

With a 5x higher acceleration and de-acceleration capability, coupled with a high-speed motor controller interface, Sigma bond testers redefine efficiency. Direct control elevates axis speeds by 20%, with all axes achieving an impressive speed of 60 mm/s, as opposed to the previous 50 mm/s, which was industry-leading already. The result? Increased test speed accuracy and higher throughput, empowering you to accomplish even more tests per hour (UPH).

In the video below, you see the old Sigma on the left completing the automation in 50 seconds versus the new Sigma on the right completing the automation in 19 seconds. 


Simplified automation

Save valuable time performing automations with trajectory planning that ensures fluid and rapid movements. Our new trajectory planner calculates optimal paths, guaranteeing precise robotic movements. Say goodbye to rectangular movements and hello to efficiency.

Stay ahead of the competition with a Sigma bond tester

Choose Sigma bond testers to maximize efficiency and productivity in your bond testing processes and improve the quality of your final product.

Xyztec is revolutionizing the industry with 3 game-changing improvements to Sigma bond testers that are now free on all newly purchased Sigma systems (except the Sigma Lite model). With better positional precision, enhanced measurement accuracy, and improved speed UPH, the Sigma bond tester outperforms any other bond tester on the market.

Take advantage of these enhancements today to unlock a new level of performance with your bond tester. For more information or to explore these advancements further please do not hesitate to reach out.

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