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Xyztec introduced an electronic newsletter today. Click here to subscribe and stay up to date about everything related to bond testing and our latest developments. The first newsletter is centered around our new 300mm wafer testing machine, the Sigma W12:


Sigma W12

The Sigma W12 is based on xyztec’s market leading Sigma platform. It shares many of the same features that set the Sigma apart from the rest of the industry. The W12’s performance has been further enhanced for the precision and handling requirements of wafer testing.


Wafer testing up to 300mm


The W12 is designed to test any wafer size up to 300mm. Switching from various wafer sizes is a simple procedure. The goal was to minimize downtime for companies that have multiple wafer diameters. Many test types are possible on the Sigma W12 .The most common include solder ball shear and Cold Bump Pull (CBP) testing. XYZTEC’s latest development is Pull Testing solder bumps on copper pillars. XYZTEC also offers solutions for wire bonds on wafer. With the widest range of sensors and tooling there is something to suit almost any bond test application.


Accurate fast full automation

All of xyztec’s axis movements are controlled with linear encoders. This technology provides unrivalled accuracy and it offers a significant improvement compared with rotary encoder solutions found on other equipment.

Whether you are using the system in the manual or automatic mode, intelligent axis speed control of up to 50mm/s enables the fastest traverse time over long distances. However, the W12 employs an automatic slow down feature as the tool approaches the target. This feature ensures precision and safety. Set up time is minimal. Wafer-map import capability provides accurate and rapid data transfer of the bonds to be tested. Other production functions include; onboard barcode reading and SPC data down load.


Automatic and manual Load/Unload with warped wafer capability

The Sigma W12 offers stand-alone manual loading or it can be fully integrated with wafer loaders/un-loaders. With the optional rotary table feature, wafer orientation can be accomplished quickly and accurately using manual or automatic functionality. A range of vacuum chucks and pin transfer options enable the handling of the most challenging of wafers.


Failure mode image capture

A range of onboard camera options enable high magnification images of the failure mode. These can be saved along with the test data either automatically or under operator control.

Debris collection

A debris collection option manages the debris resulting from test. Options include a programmable timed-pulse from an air jet to dislodge loose material from the test area, as well as a material vacuum pickup that captures loose material in a collection filter.


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