Xyztec faces any challenge

Xyztec faces any challenge

Sigma MAG 600x400 1

We have not been sitting still at Xyztec this year. We are always developing innovative solutions on customer demand. In 2019 we supplied an important customer with multiple Sigma MAG systems with Safety Cabinet. Read all about it in this newsletter.

Sigma MAG with Safety Cabinet

This bond tester with an integrated magazine handler and Safety Cabinet is designed to protect the operator from moving parts. Besides safety precautions, it keeps the test debris away to ensure a clean working environment. The cabinet is SEMI S2 which proves that the system fulfills the international standard for safety and ergonomics.

The Sigma is fully controllable without opening the cabinet, through its adjustable user interface with 2 monitors and its extendible drawer with joysticks, keyboard and mouse and the 3 transparent front doors. All other covers are non-transparent to block the ambient light and provide stable lighting for camera stability. In addition, a programmable stack light is mounted on top of the cabinet to work efficiently and to manage multiple systems simultaneously.

All of our Sigmas can be equipped with a Safety Cabinet for extra safety during (automatic) bond testing.

What is next?

The year 2019 comes to an end and we are moving into the twenties. Next year will bring some more exciting changes for Xyztec. We stay 100% focused and hope you keep challenging us to fulfill your bond testing requirements. You ask and we love to deliver.

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2020

We at Xyztec wish you a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Best wishes for 2020

Sigma MAG 600x400 1

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