Continuous improvement through customer demand

Continuous improvement through customer demand


70-75% of our customers are looking for custom bond testing solutions. As technology leader, we take on the frontier of bond testing from our market-leading customers. Besides focusing on developing and improving our sigma line of bond testing systems, we deliver many custom software solutions, work holders, and systems for our customers. This newsletter summarizes the highlights and achievements of 2021.


Whether you require custom tools or more complex solutions like work holders or complete bond testing systems, our team has the experience and expertise to create the unique solution you need:

  • Tools: shear tools, pull/push tools, studs, tweezer tips, cut tools, scratch tools et cetera.
  • Work holders: complete work holders, masks/inlays, jaws et cetera.
  • Custom options: cameras, debris bins, covers)
  • Automation or inline options
  • Complete bond testing systems

Selection of custom work holders


Bench-top solution for batteries

Test entire battery modules without the need to manually rotate the module mid-testing. A Sigma W12 with a custom slider work holder allows testing throughout the battery module. An ideal solution for R&D to test batteries that would not fit a standard Sigma bench-top system.

A custom pneumatic stage extension on a bench-top Sigma W12 increases the testable reach in X beyond the standard 600 mm to a maximum of 900 mm, allowing fully automatic testing across the entire battery module.

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Vacuum-safe shear testing work holder

This work holder uses a vacuum to apply a negative pressure region over the shear testing site. The vacuum removes any hazardous materials generated in the test process to ensure a clean and safe environment.

The vacuum-safe shear testing work holder is compatible with any Sigma and seamlessly integrates with your existing part requirements and cleanroom infrastructure. It is possible to customize both the waffle-pack dimensions and vacuum connections to support all needs.

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Highest accuracy

Our Sigma bond testers take positional accuracy to a new level with our latest improvements on table mapping in combination with high-resolution linear encoders and intelligent software.

Our experts employ advanced visualization techniques and software procedures to accurately map the Sigma bond testers’ XYZ tables. This unique technology enables the tester to compensate for even the slightest imperfections in movement at all positions of the stages.

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Auto grading without any assistance

Another exceptional, unique development of xyztec is automatic grading. This makes fully automatic analysis without operator intervention possible and is one step forward in realizing 100% automated bond testing. Autograding uses machine vision software to process the images of the test results.

The algorithm uses a neural network, also referred to as deep learning. A Sigma can automatically determine the failure modes on samples, removing the need for operator grading on your parts. Imagine the endless possibilities!

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Stay tuned!

We are already developing the next-generation Sigma bond testers in close cooperation with industry-leading partners. Developing by building on proven technologies, xyztec always offers market-leading functionalities and bond testers with unparalleled precision. Are you curious? Contact us.


Happy holidays and a safe and healthy 2022

In 2021 we continued our business mostly from our Covid bubble, with half-empty offices, lots of working from home, and less worldwide traveling. However, we adapted to the situation, found new ways to bond with our customers, and closed deals with new international partners.

The technology evolves, and we feel grateful for believing in us to develop custom solutions for your bond testing requirements. We are successful because of clients like you.

Challenging projects in 2022 are waiting for us, and we look forward to working with you in the years to come.

On behalf of xyztec, we wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a healthy and fantastic 2022!


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