How to Tweezer Pull?

How to Tweezer Pull?


As forerunners in bond testing, we aim to spread knowledge about bond testing in the industry. A Tweezer Pull (TP) or a Tweezer Peel test is easy to perform with our How-to guideline and the right bond testing equipment. We have given our well-known Tweezer Pull guide an update and a new look. Dig into this new version of “How to Tweezer Pull” and learn how to perform a pull test using tweezers to obtain consistent results and the highest quality assurance.


This extensive how-to consists of 9 paragraphs. The manual focuses on Pull testing using tweezers. Other pull tests, like Cold Bump Pull (CBP) testing can be found in a separate how-to.

We touch on topics like Tweezer designs, jaw types, and alignment. But most important, How to set up different Tweezer Pull tests for gold wire, ribbons, and copper pillar.

At last, we explain some test method settings and share the most common failure modes.


What is Tweezer Pull/Peel

Tweezer pull is performing a pull test using tweezers. Tweezers are micro grippers that allow complete force control during opening and closing.

The tweezer holds a wire, a ribbon, or some other feature on the sample, then applies an upward force and effectively pulls away from the substrate. In some cases, it is necessary to prepare the sample before testing.

A peel test is essentially the same, but in addition to the vertical movement, the XY stage also performs a controlled lateral movement. The purpose is to maintain perpendicular force on the ribbon or wire pulled off the substrate.



Bond testing guidelines

Besides the how-to on Wire Pull (WP), we offer guides on how-to Cold Bump Pull (CBP) and Tweezer Pull (TP) and access to the relevant MIL-STD-883 standards. Feel free to use these guides to bond testing. Also, please reach out if you have any comments or specific questions regarding the application or your samples.


How to Wire Pull

This how-to on wire pull (WP) guides what to consider and how to perform a correct wire pull test. The main focus of this manual is on wire and ribbon pulls using wire hooks. Loop height measurement is also covered.

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How to Cold Bump Pull

This how-to on Cold Bump Pull (CBP) guides what to consider and how to set up a correct Cold Bump Pull (CBP) test. It generally refers to solder ball testing, but the principles apply equally to most bump testing.

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How to Tweezer Pull

This how-to on Tweezer Pull (TP) guides what to consider and how to perform a Tweezer Pull test or a Tweezer Peel test. Tweezer pull and peel tests usually are not challenging to do if you own the right equipment.

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