How to Tweezer Pull?


As forerunners in bond testing, we aim to spread knowledge about bond testing in the industry. A Tweezer Pull (TP) or a Tweezer Peel test is easy to perform with our […]

Automatic grading without any assistance


Fully automatic loading and testing on a Sigma bond tester have been possible for years. However, automatic analysis without operator intervention remained a challenge. Using deep learning, we now got […]

SMD gull wing leads testing

SMD Gull Wing Leads test

Straightforward pull test It is possible to do regular pull tests on SMD gull wing leads using a hook. However, there are three problems with that approach, namely: There is […]

More on loop height testing

Loop height

Loop height measurement Did you know you can use the Sigma for measuring the wire loop height on your samples? Sigma bond testers have been doing loop height tests for years, but the […]


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