Unveiling the power of Sigma bond testers

Unveiling the power of Sigma bond testers

Sigma bond tester

Are you seeking the ultimate bond tester that combines unparalleled accuracy, effortless setup, and cutting-edge automation capabilities? Look no further than the Sigma bond tester! This newsletter will explain the outstanding features that make our Sigma bond tester the best choice for your bond testing needs.

A pleasure to set up

Setting up a Sigma bond tester is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design. The Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) houses up to 6 flexible sensors configurable with various pull, peel, push, or shear tools enabling continuous testing up to 200 kgf. Quick-release work holders ensure fast and hassle-free sample handling. The intuitive software offers Easy and Expert modes, allowing users of all levels to operate the system.


Revolving measurement unit


Most accurate bond tester

When it comes to accuracy, the Sigma bond tester stands head and shoulders above the rest. Achieve unparalleled precision with an accuracy of 0.075% and a shear height precision of 200 nm. Benefit from advanced digital temperature features and programmable landing force down to 5 gf. With a remarkable 24-bit ADC resolution, the Sigma bond tester ensures the utmost accuracy in your bond testing process, ensuring reliable and consistent results.


Game-changing automation capabilities

Combine a Sigma bond tester with a robotic handler for hands-free wafer or magazine (un)loading and effortlessly perform and analyze complex test procedures without operator input. A Sigma bond tester automatically completes shear and pull test patterns, capturing failure mode images along the way. The automation editor utilizes camera visualization, intelligent wafer map import, and matrix selection wizards, making it a breeze to highlight features of interest using high-resolution cameras, flexible LED illumination, and fantastic image processing options. Experience fiducial recognition, allowing you to define recognizable shapes, patterns, or marks as a global or local reference for positioning and automatic tool alignment. Additionally, our wire detection feature recognizes components and fine-pitch wires that may be displaced due to process tolerances or part handling. The software employs advanced deep learning features for image processing to enhance efficiency, enabling grading failure modes without operator intervention. Lastly, enjoy seamless data processing through automatic export and SECS/GEM integration for tracking and control.


Auto grading with results


Modular by design

The Sigma bond tester is future-proof. Its modular design allows various loading options and seamlessly fits your unique sample requirements. Capture high-resolution images with powerful camera options and enjoy compatibility with existing work holders. The system also provides flexible export options and seamless integration with SECS/GEM, ensuring a smooth workflow and maximizing productivity.


Sample clamping

Best in class ergonomics

The Sigma is designed with the operator in mind. An adjustable microscope allows for precise work without losing focus, while effective debris management solutions maintain a clean working environment. The 2×6 button joysticks provide intuitive control, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing overall efficiency.


Microscope support swivel

Flexible onboard analysis

Access powerful analysis tools, including Statistical Process Control (SPC) and control charts. Experience real-time force graphs, define control rules, and enjoy unique form features for efficient SPC management. The onboard analysis capabilities of the Sigma bond tester empower you to make informed decisions and optimize your bonding process like never before.



Worldwide service

As a Market leader, xyztec boasts a worldwide service network with offices and representatives across the globe. With our strong local presence, you can count on timely support and assistance in your region. We prioritize customer satisfaction, so we have spare parts locally available for quick replacements. Additionally, we offer the convenience of a consumables webshop to meet your needs.


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Experience Sigma bond testers

Experience the future of bond testing with the cutting-edge features of a Sigma bond tester. Unlock a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and precision. Revolutionize your bond testing process and stay ahead of the competition. Reach out to our knowledgeable team and discover the future of bond testing.


Sigma bond tester

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