Why you need a bond tester with RMU

Revolving measurement unit

At Xyztec, we believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring you the most advanced bond testing solutions. As the global leader in bond testing, we are proud of […]

World’s most powerful bond tester

Sigma HF bond tester

Are you looking for a system to test challenging high force or large applications such as IGBT’s, power modules, and batteries? We offer multiple platforms from bench-top Sigma systems with […]

Meet the world’s biggest bond testers

Sigma HF 600x400 1

Higher forces or a larger test area, this highly configurable bond tester can do it all. Xyztec proudly announces the world’s biggest bond testers which are capable to test high […]

Xyztec spreads bond testing knowledge

Presentation Bangkok service training 2019

One of our goals as a technology leader in bond testing is “global presence and local support”. The key to this success is to spread knowledge through our annual sales […]

Automation: matrix bond testing made easy

Matrix bond testing

Quickly program the testing of repetitive samples On every Sigma bond tester, xyztec provides lifetime free software updates. Recently, we brought out version 5.7 which is now available for download. […]

Loading samples has never been so easy

Microscope support swivel

This important requirement is overlooked by almost every bond test supplier and consequently can result in lower units per hour and significantly increasing the risk of damaging the sample and […]

Increase your bond testing throughput


Did you know the Sigma is the fastest bond tester? It is well known that the Sigma is the most accurate bond tester on the market, featuring unparalleled 0.075% accuracy. […]

Why all bond testers should have an RMU


With the Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU), Xyztec offers a unique multiple load cell cartridge for measuring all kinds of horizontally and vertically tested bonds, using pull, peel, push or shear methods; either destructive or non-destructive. The key point is […]

Fully automated bond tester


Xyztec has just introduced 2 new automated systems that may actually provide customers with a direct return on investment (ROI). The new Sigma platform has enabled huge leaps in capability.


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