See the unseen


High-resolution cameras and flexible LED illumination are a must-have to achieve robust automation processes. We offer different cameras, adjustable LED illumination, and fantastic image processing options to bring out the […]

Employees at number 1

xyztec office P&A

We believe that employees are a company’s most important asset. This translates into many design details of our products, which is why the Sigma is the most ergonomic bond tester […]

Sigma W8, Automatic wafer bond tester


We proudly present our newest bond testing system, the Sigma W8. The Sigma W8 is the sister of the market-leading Sigma W12 bond tester to automatically test wafers from 4 […]

How to Cold Bump Pull (CBP)?


How to Cold Bump Pull (CBP)? As forerunners in bond testing, we aim to spread knowledge about bond testing in the industry. The Cold Bump Pull (CBP) test method is […]

Continuous improvement through customer demand


70-75% of our customers are looking for custom bond testing solutions. As technology leader, we take on the frontier of bond testing from our market-leading customers. Besides focusing on developing […]

World’s most powerful bond tester

Sigma HF bond tester

Are you looking for a system to test challenging high force or large applications such as IGBT’s, power modules, and batteries? We offer multiple platforms from bench-top Sigma systems with […]

How to Wire Pull


As forerunners in bond testing, we aim to spread knowledge about bond testing in the industry. A pull test is the most common test to perform on a bond tester. […]

Eliminate humar error

Sigma MAG bond tester

Perform complex test procedures without needing operator input. A Sigma bond testing system can automatically complete shear and pull test patterns with different orientations of bonds while recording failure mode […]

It’s all about accuracy

To provide end-users with an increasingly better product that is also reliable, bond test equipment requires accuracy in the micron range. The technology evolves, and assembly methods of bonding processes […]