Meet the world’s biggest bond testers

Sigma HF

Higher forces or a larger test area, this highly configurable bond tester can do it all. Xyztec proudly announces the world’s biggest bond testers which are capable to test high […]

Is fully automatic bond testing possible?

Sigma MAG

Advances in bond testing have progressively improved accuracy and reduced operator input but can the process be truly automated? We examine what is possible with a modern bond testing system.

Advances thin, 3D and MEMS die bond testing


As market leader in bond testing, xyztec is pushing the technology forward. In this month’s newsletter we highlight the recent advances in thin, 3D and MEMS die bond testing. As […]

Shear testing copper pillar

Shear copper pillar

This newsletter describes the best way to shear test the solder on copper pillars. Xyztec has a lot of experience with different types of copper pillar products and can also […]

Fracture strength of thin wafers and die

Global and local deformation VEDDAC

There are many types of wafer and die and many different reasons to test them. Your concerns might be stress crack propagation, delamination or the effects of the crystalline structure […]

Central database for security and SPC options

Central database

The Sigma is unique in its ability to share a centralized database with other testers. The extensive networking support enables the customer to increase security and to exchange settings and […]

Cameras improve full automation

Perpendicular camera for coaxial, diffuse lighting

Xyztec releases a range of 6.4M pixel vertical view camera systems with the addition of Coaxial (Light Field) and improved Diffused (Dark Field) illumination. These new systems increase automation capability and […]

Coating and film testing

Shear diamond nano indenter tip

Driven by emerging technology and to suit customer special requirements Sigma‘s comprehensive range of bond tests is always increasing. One of our latest applications made scratch testing of complex coating much easier to achieve […]

Software release: Automatic grading

Automatic grading

In this newsletter, we describe the exciting new features xyztec has incorporated in its latest Sigma software release. Customers are recommended to upgrade, so they can benefit from all the new […]

Vision enhanced materials testing

Deformation analysis

With the ever-increasing complexity of modern circuits and the inherent reliability issues associated with them, it becomes necessary to adapt tools that minimize product risk. Over time, xyztec, along with […]