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Sample measurement tests

Ribbon peel

The ribbon pull test is generally performed with a tweezer. The ribbon or wire to be tested by being gripped between the tweezer tips. The Z-stage then moves up and a pull force is applied on the ribbon.

USB tweezers performing solar interconnect ribbon

How to: Ribbon peel test with USB tweezers

Tweezer test with manual tweezer and slider up to 40kg

In many cases, it is important to pull perpendicular during this application. To correct the angle, the XY stage and special linearity guides on the work holder are used. Xyztec is the only company that offers a bond tester with a 190 mm Z-stage. This makes our testers ideal for long ribbon applications, e.g. solar cells.

Our tweezers offer a standard pull force of 10kgf and a maximum clamping force of 3kgf. Using custom manual grippers, peel forces up to 200kgf are possible. The quick change tweezer design provide a lot of flexibility. Typical applications include gold ribbons, aluminium ribbons and thick wires as used in the construction of microwave, high frequency, high power, automotive, hybrid and solar devices.

BPT2 lead pull test

Test features

  • Peel up to 190mm ribbon length
  • IC lead peel testing
  • Peel forces up to 200kgf
  • Sensor accuracy ±0.075%
  • Force displacement graph of complete test

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